Monday, November 17, 2014

Notes Towards Review and Installation of the Issue Tracking System, YouTrack

Review - YouTrack  - Outline



  • Free licensing available, with limits: 
    • Ten users total. 
    • For projects hosted in YouTrack InCloud, no "Private" projects under free licensing model 
  • License cost scales by increments, per number of users
  • Subscription-based fee model 
    • Monthly and yearly rates
    • Fee for yearly license reduced after first year
  • Further details


Outline for a New Installation in an AWS EB2 Instance

  1. Create EB2 instance (Ubuntu)
  2. Configure AWS service features for EB2 instance
    • Users, roles (AWS IAM)
    • Notifications
    • If relevant, create database via RDS, for each of YouTrack and TeamCity 
  3. Activate EB2 instance (AWS dashboard)
  4. Install essential features and services to EB2 instance
    1. Daemontools
    2. TinyDNS, in caching mode
    3. HTTP Server
      • Apache HTTPD or Nginx
      • For large network installation, configure HTTP server for failover and scalability
    4. SSL Certificates for HTTP server
  5. Install OpenLDAP
    1. Configure host for authentication with OpenLDAP
  6. Install Tomcat 7
    1. Configure for HTTP front end
    2. For large network installation, configure Tomcat servlet engine for failover and scalability
    3. Optional: Install application server
      • Unified authentication APIs
      • Unified data service APIs
      • Unified logging service
      • Centralized management for multi-domain installations
      • Etc...
    4. Install LDAP directory search front-end for authenticated service users, as relevant
  7. Install YouTrack
    1. Reconfigure JAR for installation to stand-alone Tomcat 7
    2. Configure YouTrack for authentication with OpenLDAP
    3. If relevant, reconfigure YouTrack for JDBC access to RDS, alternate to the bundled BerkeleyDB data store
  8. Create user support section for web site, using YouTrack
  9. Install TeamCity
    • Installation procedures similar to YouTrack
    • Provide documentation for developer access to continuous integration services provided by TeamCity
  10. Build stunningly simple web site as "Front end" for developer services provided by YouTrack and TeamCity
  11. Own discretion: Develop, release, do marketing, develop, release, do  networking, develop, release, "have fun", develop, release, retire, develop, release ...