Monday, November 10, 2014

Developing with Android: Platform Selection - A Non-Exhaustive List of Resources

A Short Survey of Resources for Application Development with the Android Platform
  • Software Development Platforms
    • Eclipse IDE
    • Android Development Kit (ADK)
      • Alternatives: 
        • Bundle of SDK Tools and Eclipse IDE
        • Stand-Alone SDK Tools Distribution
    • Intel XDK
      • Provides an IDE supporting development of web-based mobile applications
        • HTML5
        • Cascading Stylesheets
        • jQuery for mobile
        • AJAX, REST, etc
      • Supports distribution to multiple user platforms, including Android and iOS mobile devices, Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook eReaders, and desktop platforms including Chrome, Firefox, and FaceBook
      • Provides an effective testing platform for on-device application testing, via Intel®  App Preview
    • Android NDK
      • Supporting application development in C, C++ programming languages, on Linux, OS X, and Microsoft Windows development platforms
      • Example application: Building Qt/Android on Windows
  • Documentation (including)
    • Installation and Configuration
    • Distribution
      • Android. Supporting Different Platform Versions
        • The "top three" Android platform editions as listed at the Dashboards page, presently, are:
          1. "Jelly Bean" (i.e. 4.1.x) est. proportion 51%
          2. "KitKat" (i.e. 4.4) est. proportion 30.2%
          3. "Gingerbread" (i.e. 2.3.3-2.3.7),  est. proportion 9.8%
          4. Not listed: Android platform version 5.0 
      • Android. Supporting Multiple Screens 
        • With reference to: Screen geometry
        • Provides an explanation to terms applied in the Dashboards page as with regards to generalized screen pixel densities (DPI) and generalized screen geometries
        • The "Top three" leading screen geometries, going by the table at the Dashboards page, would be all three at range of resolution [470x320640x480 ) with screen pixel densities in range, from first to third most popular:
          • [240, 320dpi 
          • [320, 480) dpi 
          • [480, 640) dpi
      • Android. Dashboards
        • Page provides a sort of statistical overview about number of Android devices as calculated per each Android edition.
        • Android. Developer Console
          • Topics include:
            • Configuration details for store listing page
            • Procedures for entering an application into an opt-in Alpha testing or Beta testing program, coordinated with Google Groups
            • Some details with regards to pricing and in-app sales for Android applications 
            • Some notes with regards to capabilities targeting, as with regards to specific hardware/software features provided with any functional qualities, in an APK bundled application
  • Hardware (optional)
  • Usage Notes