Thursday, November 20, 2014

An Introduction to the fork of McCLIM (Overview - Initial Outline)

Ed. Note: This article represents a preliminary outline for an overview about the fork of McCLIM, focusing primarily on the YouTrack InCloud instance presently applied for management of the same fork project.

Pending subsequent revisions of this article,  this initial revision of the article may serve to provide, at least: Some web references onto task lists as created for and of the same project; an overview about YouTrack, in basic outline format; an overview towards the structure of a meta-IDE project developed under the domain.

Items denoted wit {Bracketed Text} will be subject to revision, in subsequent versions of this article.


{i.e. topical introduction}

{GUI Domain in Common Lisp Application Development}

{McCLIM development}

{ (MCi)} {work journal}

{ fork of McCLIM}

{Sidebars: Traditional CLtL HCI APIs including: McCLIM; Garnet; Cells GTK; Graphic Forms}

{Sidebar: McCLIM' gtkairo backend; FirefoxOS}

{Projects Management Domain in Common Lisp Application Development}

{Concepts for which there are some exacting, conventional "web service bundles"}
  • Repository management (Github; GitLab; ...)
  • Continuous Integration (TeamCity; Travis CI; Jenkins; ...)
  • Issue Tracking (Gnus; RT; Bugzilla; YouTrack; ...)
{Concepts for which there are assorted tools - applied at project managers' own discretion}
  • Documentation development {authoring, editing, publishing, maintenance}
  • Release management {develop=>test=>release=>maintain}
  • Distribution management {binary distributions - archives/packages/installers by platform and version; source distribution available via repository management service}
  • Web presence management {social networking; documentation; resource distribution}
    • {For web hosting, alternatives include}
      • Static-Content Web Site
      • Hybrid Static/Dynamic Content Site
        • PHP
        • Python
        • JSP
        • ...
      • Web Site Published via Java Archive (formats; JAR, WAR, EAR, ... varying by container)
        • Variation of hybrid static/dynamic content site 
        • {JSR-... - Java servlets}
      • Web Portal
        • {In Java} A variation of Web Site Published via Java Archive
          • {JSR-..., formal portal request/response cycle}
          • Alternatives
            • JetSpeed {static portal}
            • ...
            • Liferay
        • {In Other: In programming languages other than Java, portal implementations include Drupal (Python), ...}

 Ed. note: In a sense, "Issue tracking" presents a "Meta-concern," applicable at all phases of a project's formal duration.

{YouTrack} {Stand-alone} {InCloud}

{YouTrack InCloud} {Documentation} {Qiuck Start} {Presently, InCloud is backed by YouTrack 5 [xref]}

{YouTrack License Model}. {10 user limit for 'Free' editions, in stand-alone or InCloud installation}

{MCi instance at YouTrack InCloud (Guest login enabled)}

{An Outline Onto Concepts Implemented in YouTrack}

{Project information structure at YouTrack}
  • Projects
  • Items
    • Swimlanes
    • Issues
    • Tasks
{Conceptual View}
  • Colloquially, Agile Project Management Concepts
    • Scrum
      • Sprints
      • ...
    • ...
  • Project Life Cycle
    • ...
  • ...

{YouTrack Web Interface}

Items of note in MCi McCLIM YouTrack InCloud service:

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