Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Active Projects – Hardpan Technologies Workspace

• Compile a FreeBSD image for a BeagleBone Black single-board computer, then netboot a BeagleBone Black A6 to FreeBSD, from a FreeBSD Virtual Appliance, using Crochet, FreeBSD 10.1 VMDK, Virtualbox, Debian GNU/Linux (?) for the PXE services, and a Netgear wireless router with Ethernet hub. HP Laptop (UEFI) with Microsoft Windows 8 as host OS to the Virtualbox VMDK appliance. Toshiba laptop for USB boot to PXE service on Debian (?) or FreeBSD.

• Development of a fork of McCLIM, extending of the original CLIM model for human-computer interface design and implementation, independent of graphical or audible appliance interface or textual media

• Develop HPan Ex Libris services – JCR and CORBA; Bookshelves interface in CORBA; Notebooks interface in CORBA; editor interfaces and viewer interfaces, in human-computer interface (HCI) design, focusing on the Android Mobile platform and one or more desktop computing platforms.

• Develop an automotive crew information system onto Ex Libris, Android mobile,  and ELM interfaces onto OBD-II as interface for automotive sensor information,  corresponding to normative mechanical diagnostic methods,  automotive maintenance models,  and procedures in automotive repair. Additional focus about environmental characteristics of automotive/mechanical work environments and corresponding demands for physical and structural resilience of digital electronic systems

Politics? Nope, the author is not babysitting myths.

• Not getting lost in a vortex of prolific cryptocurrencies — keyword: Mathematics

• Bitcoin miner implementation in Common Lisp,  as primarily focusing on CMUCL-style VOPs as furthermore implemented in SBCL, furthermore referencing implementations and optimizations of ECDSA system elements in C and in specialized microcontroller elements as accessible via direct machine instructions (Intel,  ARM, and Nvidia instruction set architectures) (See also: Texas Instruments AM35xx Sitara MCU;  design documents for the CryptoCape peripheral to BeagleBone SBC platforms)

• Development and applications of an interface for SHA-256, RIPEMD-160, and other mathematical systems relevant to cryptographic computations, with optimizations for features of the BeagleBone Black platform,  as extensible with the peripheral CryptoCape, and other machine architectures.

• Parallelization in applications of mathematical computations denoted in the previous outline elements.

• CORBA GIOP extended for serial communications,  project OLLIEOP

• CORBA GIOP extended for I²C, project OLLIEOP

• CORBA implementation in Common Lisp,  updating a fork of CLORB.

• Applications of the TPM element of the peripheral CryproCape, using the BeagleBone single board computer (SBC) within a FreeBSD
kernel and correlated operating system, focusing on PKI architecture, LDAP directories for principal identity, Keberos for principal authentication,  and OpenSSL as a feature of a TLS system applying X.509 certificates — focusing on the TPM's roles for trusted storage of cryptographic keys.

• Various things CORBA and BSD-style "Open"

• Formal Business Models