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9P is a network application protocol [CatV] and a correlated filesystem concept [9P], originally developed in Plan 9 from Bell Labs (Plan 9) – as concerning a correlated concept of "Everything via file streams", seen in Plan 9 [Wikipedia], also in Linux [SysFS] and FreeBSD [devfs] and more specifically, in the original Proc filesystem (procfs) of Plan 9 [procfs].

Implementations of the 9P Filesystem Concept

NinePea is a 9P implementation developed for/around an Arduino application of the AVR ATMega 1280 microcontroller. [NinePea][Arduino Mega]

Interfacing 9P for Distributed Object Systems

Though 9P itself is not a CORBA model, yet hypothetically, in selecting any number of functional interfaces developed in 9P implementations, those same functional interfaces may be published onto an appliance network, qs via a CORBA Portable Object Adapter (POA) [CORBA Infrastructure], such as is provided with the ACE ORB (TAO). [TAO POA] {TBD: Towards an introspective methodology for transformation of C functional interfaces into platfom-neutral definitions of primitive types and object classes, onto CORBA IDL. See also: [Metaprogramming]}

Towards an application of {any single {emebedded computing platform} {{constructed} with {resources} sufficient to implement a {networking stack and a corresponding implementation of CORBA GIOP}, such as IIOP [CORBA Infrastructure]}}, a CORBA IDL model of 9P may be applied for a CORBA based appliance control and appliance sensor data logging model — perhaps, reminiscent of the Goofy Giggles application* developed at Indiana University (2007) [Pisupati2007]

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Cross-References - Correlated Resources

[Pisupati2007] is also referenced at the Google Play bookstore


* Thus, the initial keynote that began the author's research, in developing this single web log article.