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Maintenance as Project

Here at the author's DSP42 web log ('blog), this week, the author has begun to develop a concept of project management. Rather than launching onto an orthogonal thesis with regards to the Interface Definition Language (IDL) of the Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA), the author is prsently preferring to develop something of a broader view of project management, as namely towards a broader sense of types of project. Thus far, the author has denoted three primary types of project, at this web log, and some corresponding concepts.
  • Thesis Development Project [xref]
    • Subsumed by Literary Project
    • Subsumes
      • Thesis project for academic institution, i.e. graduate thesis
      • Thesis project for journal publisher, i.e. journal article
    • Those subsumed types of thesis development project may differ as per style and format of published bibliography, such that would be entailed of a given publisher's requirements
  • Software Development Project [xref]
    • Subsumes
      • FPGA programming project
      • Software programming project
    • Subsumed by Digital media project [not denoted in earlier thesis work]
  • Construction Project [xref]
    • See also: Structural Archaeology

The author would not venture to define any further detail of the third of those types of project, if without further reflection as with regards to scale and context, and no long thesis for orthogonal and typically legal concepts of intellectual property, as well as concepts of physical property and, essentially, ownership. Candidly, the author is personally familiar with concerns faced by owners of properties having historic structures on premises, insofar as concerns resulting of property theft and property vandalism. In both respects, it would seem to entail a certain lack of understanding with regards to concepts of physical property. One might think as if a historic structure would not need a guard dog on premises, and that be proved to be altogether a naive concept.

With no too cute comment from the author for the author's own ears, and the author's own defensive posture with regards to family properties, presently this web log will proceed to develop a concept of a fourth type of project, namely, the maintenance project. This concept, too, may require some careful introspection, as towards developing a concept: What is the beauty of maintenance?

Similar to the manner of the author's previous articles, in this series, the author will endeavor to focus  the author's consideration on a practical matter, essentially towards a single reification of each type of project. In regards to maintenance project, on this weekend day, the author endeavors to produce a sense of personal focus, namely towards personal physical health maintenance and personal intellectual health maintenance, both subsumed by a concept of health maintenance -- not quite insofar as with regards to central health management institutions and the fine distinction of capitalist principles as viz a viz any essentially socialist principles, aside to any concept of how science is managed, institutionally. No too contentions topics in this web log -- those would be left aside for the author's politically concerned web log, Bring Back Lady Liberty.

So, the author has now denoted one further type of project, subsuming two more exacting types of project. In those two instances, however, the author does not formally apply the term, Project.

  • Health Maintenance Project [Type 2]
    • Subsumed by Maintenance Project
    • Properties
      • Intellectual Health Maintenance
      • Physical Health Maintenance

Concerning that -- moreover -- at first, the author does not denote that particular type of Health Maintenance Project as a Personal Health Maintenance type, it is not the author's wish to invite any speculation with regards to Group Health Maintenance, such that would reside in parallel to personal health maintenance. In a sense, public schools might be thought to be institutions implementing of manners of group health maintenance. However, in light of the concerns presented by the Common Core, as it being essentially a socialist agenda being imposed in public schools, it would seem to be far too contentious a topic to introduce in any hasty regards whatsoever. If, however, the outline would be expanded on further, it might be written thusly:

  • Health Maintenance Project [Type 1]
    • Subsumed by Maintenance Project
    • Subsumes
      • Health Maintenance Project [Type 2]
      • Health Maintenance Project [Type 3]
    • Properties
      • Intellectual Health Maintenance
      • Physical Health Maintenance
  • Health Maintenance Project [Type 3]
    • Subsumed by Health Maintenance Project [Type 1]
    • Subsumes
      • School
The author has there revised the Intellectual Health Maintenance and Physical Health Maintenance qualities as to denote those qualities as being properties of such type of project. That would be instead of denoting those as being subsumed by the Health Maintenance Project [Type 1].

Some examples of Health Maintenance Project [Type 2] may include:
  • Reading a book
  • Exercising with a bungee band
  • Excercising with free weights
  • Exercising in a study of the martial arts (external equipment sometimes applied, but not required), for example
    • Exercising in a study of Tai Chi
    • Exercising in a study of Wing Chun
    • Exercising in a study of Judo
    • Exercising in a study of Jeet Kune Do
  • Riding a bicycle
  • Going on a hike, along a managed trail
  • Climbing a mountain
  • Swimming in a public body of water.
  • Recreations of a physically exerting manner and -- characteristically -- recreations entailing some type of a non-self-propelled material equipment, such as a mechanical snowmobile, a powered motorcycle, a four-wheeled ATV, or a living creature such as a horse, (Please, Tread Lightly on land, water, or asphalt)
  • Walking with dog along a road or trail
It is the author's sinceremost opinion that any examples of Health Maintenance Project [Type 3] would be best be left to officials of the institutions managing such projects. 

Presently, the author observes that this article has not yet addressed all too much of a sense of maintenance project, that -- namely -- this article has not described much of a sense of structural facilities maintenance, such as with regards to maintaining known geographical properties in a civil manner, and maintaining any structural constructions developed on any known geographical properties. Perhaps the reader may endeavor to consider that the author does not wish to paint a neon sign over "Home."

In considering a third type of structural maintenance project, moreover, the author observes that there is a type of project in an automotive maintenance project -- essentially a type of equipment maintenance project for a type of equipment that provides a means of external locomotion, paralleled also by watercraft maintenance, further paralleled by types of equipment maintenance project not entailing a maintenance of a means of external locomotion -- such types of equipment maintenance project as include firearm maintenance, footwear maintenance, and manners of other indoor and outdoor equipment maintenance.

The reader might be advised that this article is not a property of a tax board. This article is a property of the author's own writing, in a thesis development project, broadly so. Though a survivalist type of view about politics might seem quite apropos to the time, the author does not subscribe to any concepts of a hasty escalationism.

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