Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Introducing the Mercantile Store of the MetaCommunity Project

I've developed a small aStore storefront at Associates -- the  Mercantile Store of the MetaCommunity Project (presently in its edition 1) -- including a small list of accessories I personally would trust for application in outdoor environments, such as for conservationism or the simple recreations of camping out, if not furthermore for day hikes and so-on.

Of course, with regards to camping stoves, it should be noted: That the same regulations would apply as with regards to campfires. In the US forests, one may consult the nearest, official US Forest Service Ranger Station for more information. Typically, the permits are available for free, and would be accompanied with a wealth of useful information for campfire safety. There are also some digital resources about campfire safety, such as published by the US Forest Service, in California's Sequoia National Forest.

Proceeds from the Mercantile Store will be applied for continued development and maintenance of web resources of There is not, as yet, a 501(C)(3) or other non-profit registration for the development of Candidly, it may be difficult to register it as a non-profit organization, under any exact specifications in US tax code, though it is essentially a not for profit organization. Pending any further, formal development of the organizational architecture, the author personally will see to it that any proceeds from the aStore will be applied for continued development and maintenance of web resources of is a web resource still under development. My own initial idea for the development of was that it may serve as a sort of meta-resource for knowledge sharing, as with regards to concerns of life and lifestyle -- none too aligned to any single social networking platform, however, thus existing as a sort of "Meta-Community." Unfortunately, the development of the web resource has been stalled, pending further resolutions in certain nationalist and quasi-national concerns in the world. Furthermore, the initial design concept has undergone some moderate evolution, in this year.

In the outlook, presently, would be -- in one part -- a projects hub for selected projects about math and engineering, and furthermore a hub for projects developed as towards some humanitarian concerns, and conservationism, and tourism. I've begun to develop a design for a single portal under each such concern. However, I am presently unable to develop any single schedule for such projects. The ink is just dry, on the outline itself, and -- myself -- it seems that I must certainly search for another place of residence, before I may be able to begin to focus about anything so technical and involving.

So, but that's what there is so far, for it --  a web store and a resource for campfire safety.

Please, Tread lightly.