Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Free Book about Op-Amp Applications, from Texas Instruments

I was looking for a solid reference resource, this evening, as with regards to design of frequency-domain active filters in audio and signaling applications. I found the following the eBook. It seemed that it would be fit to share a note about, here at my DSP42 web log. Published by Texas Instruments in 2002, the eBook is titled, Op-Amps for Everyone.

Across all of 464 pages of PDF format text, the eBook provides a comprehensive introduction to op-amps -- now available in free, PDF eBook format. The eBook is published by Texas Instruments, but provides a vendor-agnostic, essentially non-proprietary view with regards to op-amp applications.

This eBook provides introductions to concepts and applications of op-amps, with corresponding mathematical formulas throughout. As a small sampling of the topics addressed in the eBook:
  • Chapter 3 of the eBook addresses op-amp applications in a generic sense, focusing on methods for applications of op-amps within common kinds of amplifier circuit, including: Inverting amplifiers; non-inverting amplifiers; differential amplifiers; video amplifiers; etc. 
  • Chapter 4 of the eBook provides a contrast between single-supply and dual-supply applications of op-amps. Chapter 15 of the eBook is dedicated to oscillator designs, for generating sinusoidal waveforms. 
  • Chapter 16 of the eBook is dedicated to discussions of active filter designs. 
The eBook addresses a number of concepts that might be addressed, in parallel, in the course material of the DeVry University Online ECT-246 course. The eBook also provides some information about some additional concepts, such that may be encountered -- broadly -- within a context of design and analysis of op-amp circuits.

To the aspiring software programmer, perhaps the eBook may serve to provide a convenient, singular reference model for design of an electronic design automation (EDA) tool for amplifier design and analysis in frequency-domain applications.