Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A succinct index onto dependencies of Dan Lentz' cl-ctrie

A succinct index onto dependencies of Dan Lentz' cl-ctrie

[To Do: Insert, here, a lengthy doctoral overview about data structures for indexing and search within digital object systems. Include a very length bibliography. No too far sidebars about RDF, OWL, and so on. "Keep it within the lane"]

Ed. Note: These may be available via quicklisp. Alternately, one may apply an SCCM tool manually, to download the newest source trees representing each respective project.
  • nibblesA Common Lisp library for accessing octet-addressed blocks of data
  • ironclad - A cryptographic toolkit written in Common Lisp
  • cldoc -  documentation tool; alternate to Albert
  • unicly - UUID implementation [RFC 4122]
  • uuid - (and another) (code alignment?)
    • Shared dependency: ironclad
    • Additional dep: trivial-utf-8 (see also: Closer-Common, cf. the illustrious 'rune' data type, towards code alignment)
  • split-sequence - "self explanatory"
  • Informatimago Public Common Lisp Libraries - namely Informatigo 'heap' system)
  • cl-irregsexp - regular expressions, alternate to cl-ppcre's Perl-like syntax (code alignment?)
  • Stefil - testing framework  [old homepage][new homepage - refer to 'Repository', 'User Guide' other tabs on page]
    • Also needs hu.dwim.asdf
  • :hu.dwim.serializer - as with the Stefil project, refer to 'Repository' and other tabs on page.
    • Likewise hu.dwim.common
      • Likewise, Anaphora
      • Likewise, hu.dwim.common-lisp (code alignment?)
      • Likewise, metabang-bind (but what kind of an SCCM system does this project use?)
    • Likewise, hw.dwim.def
    • Likewise, hw.dwim.syntax-sugar (with a grain of salt)
    • Likewise, hw.dwim.util (code alignment among utility systems?)
    • ... :hu.dwim.defclass-star
  • CL-STORE - also an object serialization system
  • Osicat - compatibility layer onto OSI/POSIX/.... May be common (code alignment)
  • CL-PPCRE - Regular expressions in a syntax resembling of perlre (PERL). May be common (code alignment)
  • iterate - Extensible alternative to CL:LOOP and other iterative forms defined in CLtL2. May be common (code alignment) 
  • Alexandria - a popular bundle of utility forms, in Common Lisp
  • Selected subprojects of the Closer Project
    • Closer-MOP - common
    • ContextL - Towards context-oriented programming in Common Lisp
....and that's all for the dependencies, at that level of study.

Most of those projects are available via Git. Exceptions:
  • CLDOC may be downloaded in its source code, with CVS:
    cvs checkout cldoc
  • Anaphora also uses CVS
    cvs checkout -d anaphora src
  •  UUID is available as a gzipped tape archive (i.e. *.tar.gz) (see UUID homepage)
  • The Trivial UTF-8 project uses Darcs:
    darcs get
  • The projects (Stefil, serializer, etc) also use Darcs
    darcs get
    darcs get
  • Iterate also uses Darcs
    darcs get

Optionally, Darcs can be applied with the '--lazy' argument to 'darcs get', as to create a Darcs repository applying a copy on demand methodology for changeset data. Applying this argument, the net time required for the 'darcs get' command may be minimized.

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