Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Towards an ad hoc Study of Natural Language Analysis

Philosophical Concepts:

  • Narrative
  • Rhetoric
  • Poetry
  • Romanticism


  • This study will focus on a subset of literary works written by William Shakespeare [Sidebar: Authorship]
  • This study will not focus on the stageplays of William Shakespeare
    • In each of the stageplays of William Shakespeare, each character in the stageplay's dramatis personae has an individual narrative, evolving across the duration of the stageplay, as in interaction with other characters in the stageplay -- in dialogue -- and in each character's own ostensibly reflective introspections, as functionally telegraphed to the audience, verbally, in monologue
    • A study of the text of a stageplay may be made with consideration of each character's own individual narrative, in the stageplay
  • This study will focus on the full set of romantic sonnets written by William Shakespeare and published at Project Gutenberg
  • This study will not focus on:
    • Works of political rhetoric
    • Works of contemporary journalism
    • Texts of scientific dissertations


To Do

  • Sonnets in XML
  • Structural workflow diagrams in BPMN, from systematic "input" to systematic "output"
    •  Formalizing this ad hoc study into a practical work of systematic literary analysis
  • Applying Maui Indexer
  • Viewing keyphrase models in Protege
  • "Further Work"
    • Towards a Concept of "Knowledge Views"
      • Concept: Interpretive application of SKOS knowledge models in OWL format, by individual systematic actors
      • Practical Domains
        • Humanistic literary analysis and interpretation -- "ergo, ad hoc"
        • Development of a literary model for mechanical reasoning and mechanical learning (ANN, ART, Parallel Computing) utilizing OWL.
          • See also: SWRL
          • Applications: "Expert search"
    • Extending on lexical analysis -- focusing on keyphrase extraction -- with analysis of lexical semantics -- focusing on keyphrase relations within a singular work of narrative text
      • Statistical view: "How many times is the noun, 'Foo,' preceded by each of the nouns: 'Bar', 'Baaz', 'Quux'?"
      • Incorporating a model for linguistic semantics -- focusing on differentiation of types of word, e.g nouns, verbs, adjectives, ... -- within a model for lexical and semantic text analysis
      • Incorporating a model for structural semantics, in individual literary metatypes
        • e.g a structural model for poems: [Poem]---+-[Stanza]---+-[Verse]
        • e.g a structural model for stageplays:  [Stageplay]---+-[Act]---+-[Scene, Setting]---+-[Dialogue | Monologue]---+-[Verse, Blocking, Author's advice to actor, ...]
    • A survey of existing algorithms in design of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)
      • Concept: Logical computing
      • Concept: Unsupervised learner models
        • Adaptive Resonance Theory (ART)
        • Bayesian Analysis
        • ...
      • See also: SWRL
    • A survey of existing algorithms in parallel/cluster computing
      • See also: GNU Common Lisp, Maxima
      • See also: Beowolf "best practice" clustering models
      • See also: Raspberry Pi computing clusters
      • See also: BeagleBone Black
    • A survey of natural language processing models as applied in text based search engine systems