Monday, July 6, 2015

GraniteSchema - Updated from Introduction as Provided to Protege Project

The following text represents the current revision of a summary as I've presented to the Protege Project, this afternoon, when downloading the latest release of Protege 5.0.0 (beta 17). The text, as presented to the Protege Project, will have been the first initial summary published about the GraniteSchema project. This article now represents the present revision of that text, published here for sake of a simple, expedient access on the Web. The design of the GrantieSchema project is presently contained in a small number of paper sheets with hand-written ink -- the digitization of which, I will be managing with at least Protege, for definition of a graph in RDF OWL syntax, and Modelio or the Cubetto Toolset, for UML modeling and more generic conceptual modeling.

GraniteSchema represents a development of a concept of a UML profile and corresponding RDF classes/properties graph for modeling of logical and physical properties of small digital electrical systems. This project is begun about a concern with regards to differing versions of the Cyrptotronix CryptoCape, a 'Cape' type circuit board designed as an extension for BeagleBone single-board computers. Corresponding with the ad-hoc RDF graph and ad-hoc UML graphical syntax for  GraniteSchema, the project will develop a data model in the Common Lisp programming language, as well as a corresponding presentation model for each of web media and desktop/thin client display devices.

Although this project does not immediately aim for developing a platform-agnostic hardware and systems model of the original MIT CADR Lisp Machine, the CADR microcontroller, or the CADR operating system, it is a hope of the project's initial developer that the GraniteSchema project may eventually evolve as to effectively present such a complex systems design, if not furthermore to serve as an aid in any projects adopting MIT CADR for application on contemporary microcontroller architectures. and programmable logic circuits.

Presently, the project is being addressed to a semantically nearer goal of circuit modeling and simulation, with regards to the BeagleBone Black single board computer platform, and the CryptoCape, an expansion board for the BeagleBone Black. This project may endeavor to develop a small number of orthogonal models, in furthermore developing any small number of project support services, such as with regards to licensing of source files and literal content files -- focusing on license content, as well as processes of license access and license adoption.

In a later revision, the project may endeavor to develop a single generic model for electronic comunication systems, focusing on Ethernet networking, I2C and SPI for  modular communications within individual electrical systems, and systems for software defined radio.

This project will endeavor to present a comprehensive -- albeit, in many regards, certainly an ad hoc model -- for each manner of view to which the project may develop any singular extension. Presently, the GraniteSchema project will endeavor to develop a view of physical connectivity and logical containment for individual circuit boards and expansion boards, focusing on the CircuitCo BeagleBone Black and the Cryptonix CryptoCape.

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