Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Relevance of electrical impedance?

How is electrical impedance relevant in real world applications...?

Rawk music! Seriously, though - there's an analysis of the commonality of high and low impedance signals in audio systems, including band systems -- along with a broad review of electrical systems theory -- from Whirlwind Music Distributors, Inc. 

Of course, remembering that a digital circuit's data sheet may denote an "Unkonwn" quality for a digital logical element, in a situation of "high impedance", certainly electromagnetic impedance would be a relevant quality in digital circuits, too? (Candidly, it might be difficult to find any sort of research about the same, but I'll check  Google Scholar , too.)

So, after checking the research more, it looks like there are applications for analysis of impedance, in industrial power systems, viz a viz:
So, I suppose that's towards applications in industrial electronics. Perhaps it's simply a quixotic idea, to wonder if there's a relevance of impedance in digital microcircuits?

Certainly towards an application in digital measurement technology, thence perhaps applicable towards semiconductor design: Smyrl, William H.  Digital Impedance for Faradaic Analysis published by the Journal of the Electrochemical Society, no doubt a peer-reviewed journal. Perhaps the article is more in reference to Dielectric Spectroscopy , however --something certainly about microscopic qualities within electrical circuits -- perhaps less immediately relevant, if with regards to immediate calculation of electrical impedance within an analog circuit.

Other than the textbook from GE Digital Energy, those formal articles are all limited-access, however -- requiring a subscription of some kind, if not a per-article fee -- to simply read about the existing academic research, at least at those web resource pages. Perhaps a pre-print PDF edition might be available of any of those articles, however, via a simple, quoted "Google Search" -- if not a similar search, via Google Scholar -- of any of those article's "Title" texts? "YMMV" I'm sure.

Reading the Wikipedia article about Dielectric Spectroscopyhowever, I think that that article seems to go well into a depth of explanation, perhaps serving to explain what's some of the science underlying the impedance calculations, in these matters of circuit analysis

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