Sunday, October 5, 2014

Notes - Towards developing a Circuit Modeling and Circuit Analysis Platform in Common Lisp

Though further delaying of the weekend time as I'd set aside for some student work, I would like to make a couple of quick notes, presently, with regards to developing a circuit design and analysis platform in Common Lisp. This is partly in referencing XCircuit, also partly in referencing the approach I'm trying to develop for such de rigeur analysis of AC circuits as I observe is represented in one course of DeVry University Online.

Things a circuit design platform may need:
  • A library of circuit components
    • XCircuit has such a thing organized in a unique regards.
    • Fritzing uses SVG
    • KiCAD - I'm unable to find any "simple" analog circuit components of its component library, however there's clearly a lot of digital components in the KiCAD circuit component library
  • A circuit analysis model
    • Common: Derivatives of the original Berkeley SPICE
      • PSPICE - Commercially licensed by Cadence, as a part of the Cadence OrCAD platform. It's an extensible platform, however within its commercial and academic license models.
      • NGSPICE - free/open source software.
    • ...
  • A desktop environment
    • With either GTK, QT, or even Microsoft Windows "widgets," a desktop environment would be assumed to be available complimentary to the respective GUI toolkit -- namely, GNOME in any edition, KDE, or the Microsoft Windows Explorer shell.
    • Author is not sure what there may be towards such a matter, if in "state of the art" of developments in Common Lisp
      • Lisp Machines and "The state of the art" for desktop computing
        • cf. MIT CADR, Symbolics, XEROX, Texas Instruments, ...
        • cf. NeXT ...

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