Saturday, September 19, 2015

On Cloning EFL WebKit

EFL WebKit is certainly not a small toolkit to Git clone, in its full Git changeset repository.

At 37% of changeset data transmitted, the repository data amounts to so much of 3.41 GB, in a quantitative measure.

Cloning the EFL WebKit source repository - 3.4 GB at 37%
I'm certain there's something that can be applied to simplify its source tree, but it might need a sketch or two in UML format -- moreover, a UML profile for illustrating inter-component dependencies onto a SysML block diagram.

Presently, it has thoroughly bogged down my network uplink, thus making this web log entry a little more difficult to edit. So, there won't be much to show here, in this article's draft nr. 1.

Update: On review of the ewebkit/webkit repository at GitHub, juxtaposed to the WebKit SVN repository (e.g. Source/WebKit2/efl/) it seems that there's a certain lack of synchronization with the repository a GitHub. Furtthermore,  the SVN repository would be the more up-to-date source code repository, assuming a sense of trust about the "Last update" timestamps on the files.

It may seem peculiar that the EFL WebKit developers would not keep the repository up-to-date at GitHub. Regardless, the baseline WebKit SVN repository may be preferred, or the baseline WebKit Git repository -- at which point, the WebKit 'checkout' documentation may be relevant. As a further alternative, a Git repository may be developed as manner of a changeset proxy onto the SVN repository, using 'git-svn'.