Monday, July 21, 2014

"Goodbye Goodwill"

After completing week two of ECT-125 at DeVry University Online -- in what has been, personally, quite the worst week of my life in the past year, my nonetheless continuing with the course's course material, in it presenting at least an opportunity to focus on something beyond stark poverty, in the cruel world around -- I've thought it would be appropriate to denote not only my innate feelings and views after so much awful news in the broader world -- this week, in the world so much broader than a hipster snowglobe -- and the difficult situations of my own person's life, since day zero. Clearly, I've none too much of warm sentiment to share with the same world, and I am none too cheerful at the thought of -- any account -- of my own life's difficulty being exploited in whatsoever for anyone's own cruel entertainment.

There has never been a day when I could sincerely believe as though human sense of reason was whatsoever sufficiently abundant, enough to really merit any manner of a cheerful view of the world. I have tried, always to a point of failure, to whatsoever pretend a cheerful view nonetheless. Perhaps I was only afraid of how I might view the world if I would ever give up that vain effort? It's a pretense, however, and I have no further wish to pretend any luxury as if sufficient to maintain such a pretense. I have seen, time and again, that it only meets with a resonance of nothing I could whatsoever adopt or befriend, if I am not indefinitely divorced of my own wit and reason.

Inasmuch, I observe that I must now reconsider how and whether I should whatsoever present any kind of a resource to any of the "Web at large." Goodwill is evidently viewed only as a lever, and that I do not know what mechanism anyone is trying to pull me for, at that, I have no further goodwill to offer.

I cannot, then, in any ways denote if there are any of resources online. To each their own. #YMMV.